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What we do for our members
Let us become your Europe team

ENNA through its steering group and secretariat engages in a number of activities to provide an excellent return on investment for our members.

Our activities and services aim to:

  1. Give easy access to EU intelligence;
  2. Share good practice amongst your peers;
  3. Develop projects that would otherwise not see the light of day;
  4. Improve your ability to engage with Europe.

Who can become a full member?

Our full members are national platforms, umbrellas, or associations or foundations that engage in a number of core activities. Following criteria applies:

  • Members facilitate debate on generic civil society issues
  • Members are not focusing exclusively on thematic topics (i.e. social, environmental, cultural)
  • Members engage in advocacy activities for civil society
  • Members offer services developing civil society actors
  • Members offer services sustaining civil society actors
  • Members act independently of governments
  • Members act independently of business

Because our membership is rather defined, ENNA enables you to work with like-minded peers who quickly understand where you are coming from… Chances are they may even have faced the issue you’re tackling and come up with a solution that could be applied in your national context!

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