The project was developed and implemented in partnership with Turkey Europe Foundation.

It aimed at promoting the involvement of civil society in the pre- accession process, including in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of sector strategies for EU financial assistance.

ENNA’s role and input was to support in design and organising of the projects’ public events and study visit to Brussels and to facilitate the link with relevant stakeholders in Brussels in order to familiarize a target group of CSOs with EU level decision making and lobbying and to construct sustainable relations between them.

Implementation period: November 2014 – January 2016

The overall objectives of the project were:

(1) to create a new impetus for Turkey’s EU accession process through reinvigorating civic involvement and increasing civil society’s interest in the accession process and promoting participatory democratic culture;

(2) to contribute to the ongoing efforts for achieving effective participation of CSOs in public decision making by establishing sustainable mechanisms of dialogue and cooperation between CSOs and public authorities/institutions, and promoting democratic values through strengthening transparency and accountability of public policies.

The project’s main outputs:
(i) a report in Turkish with an executive summary in English on the Turkey’s 10 years of EU Candidacy Process listing all types of EU funds used by both public institutions and CSOs and projects carried out through those funds. It  has evaluated the utilization of funds from CSOs point of view in terms of their relation to different thematic areas and effect on various social groups and according to their success in achieving efficiency, sustainability, and democratic participation, the handling of the negotiations on chapters opened so far in terms of civil society’s involvement to the consultation process, and the effectiveness of mechanisms established during this period in order to facilitate dialogue and cooperation between civil society and public sector;

(ii) a booklet in Turkish on “The Importance and Best Practices of CSOs Involvement in EU Processes” that will provide case studies of successful civil society-public sector interactions in accession and member countries;

(iii) a toolkit on national and EU level advocacy and lobbying composed of various presentations to be made during capacity building meetings;

(iv) a strategy paper to be prepared by the target group of CSOs providing briefly their opinions on the negotiation process and utilization of EU funds and their concrete demands in order to enhance the role and influence of CSOs in Turkey’s accession process in both national and EU level as well as to ensure transparency and accountability for the rest of the accession process.