Between 6-9 February 2017, we had the pleasure to welcome our colleague Steve Hughes, from Central and Eastern European Citizens’ Network, who visited us as part of the job shadowing activity organized under the LADDER project.
During the 4 days, Denisa Ionescu and Steve Hughes met with several representatives of civil society organizations, based in Brussels: Civil Society Europe, European Anti-Poverty Network, 11.11.11, Democratic Society, ECAS. The meetings were a very good occasion to learn about best practices at local level (from 11.11.11 representatives) and to find ways on working together especially on civic space, participatory budgeting, climate change (dimensions followed under the LADDER “Citizens’ participation in development” thematic path). They also attended “What the fund?”, an interactive event organized by Citizens for Europe, on how the non-profits can develop their sustainability.
Last, but not least, the meeting was a very good occasion to debate on which are new ways of civic participation, how are these changing the society and what could be, in the future, the CSOs’ role.