Recently EC published the estimated 2017 call for proposals on Horizon 2020. Under Societal Challenges Pillar there will be 19 calls and one for Science with and for society. We see it as another good opportunity for CSOs to engage insecurity and research field to counterbalance the continued underrepresentation of CSOs that ‘limits the potential for the program to successfully respond to emerging security challenges and concerns of European citizens’. CSOs involvement could help ‘ground’ security research within real-world societal contexts of application and in finding solutions that are more attentive to the expectations and requirements of practitioners.

To achieve this, CSOs are invited to:

  • Get informed. What areas of security research have the most common ground with their own activities? May consider reaching their own goals but spreading good practices as well.
  • Feedback. To the European security (research) agenda about concerns and aspects of the work field. Use online and live consultations.
  • Organise. Joining or forming European advocacy networks which can easier interact with the European institutions and communicate interests with regard to security-relevant research.
  • Take action. Become partner in S&R projects and ensure an early and strong influence on the research issues.
  • Professionalise own research structures. Employing the appropriate staff.
  • Act as a translator and multiplier of information. Conduct a ‘reality check’ to security research in order to enhance their positive impact.

For further ideas read the Action Plan for Strengthening the Links between CSOs and Security Research and see video.